Logos Infinito
Chapter 02″

The second chapter for the Logos Infinito project, curated by Gianluca Marziani at the Civic Museum of Recanati, Villa Colloredo Mels, the heart of the entire contemporary artistic project on Leopardi’s language.

In this exhibition, the works of Roberto Giacomucci, Giulio Marchetti and Mario Ricci enter into radiant harmony with the theoretical apparatus of the project and with the great historical works already present in the Museum.

Logos Infinito starts from the figure of Giacomo Leopardi and his universal heritage, to investigate Language as a philosophical reason for an artistic process that expresses new ethical gazes on the present.

Leopardi’s best-known poem, “L’Infinito”, traces the ideal structure on which to regulate the plot of the project: sentences or words become the engagement grid of the artistic interventions, where the decomposition of the text recomposes the psychogeography of Recanati, drawing a planimetry of interventions on the ideal size of the spaces identified: multiple visual expressions that use the Text in its polysemic and transversal extension.

The words that defined art embody the new nature of artistic expression; the visual work that acts on the Logos unites the iconographic theme with the Word, removing from the latter the exclusive function of grammatical monad, orienting the written text in the widespread ecosystems of the new artistic landscape.